About Us


FOQUS Partners, LLC was formed in March 2015 by Patrick Quirk who also serves as FOQUS Partners' initial President & CEO. Having worked as some combination of contractor, consultant and/or small business owner since 1997, Patrick recognized the growing challenge organizations have with executing complex, strategic initiatives. Increasingly, organizations find that their full-time staff are overwhelmed with operational activities leaving insufficient bandwidth to address high-value, strategic initiatives.

Patrick's extensive program and project management background taught him that project management best practices performed by a skilled practitioner significantly increase the liklihood of succesful delivery of a complex project. Furthermore, Patrick found that the coupling of domain-specific subject matter expertise with high-quality program management yielded much more efficient results than relying too heavily on one or the other.

The result is a methodology summarized by "VISION | FOQUS | SUCCESS" in which FOQUS Partners, LLC takes your vision and turns it into real, tangible successes.


Provide organizations with the focus needed to achieve their strategic objectives through blending program and project management best practices with domain-specific subject matter expertise.

2020 Vision

To be an organization which acts internally in the same manner in which it preaches externally, thus achieving a reputation of integrity with employees, clients and partners.

Driving Values

  • People First
  • Open & Honest Communication
  • Continuous Learning
  • Service Leadership