Management & IT Consulting

FOQUS Partners provides management & IT consulting services to organizations needing assistance in executing complex, strategic initiatives. We work with organizations to identify project-specific skill and availability gaps for current resources and identify an individual or a team of resources skilled with program and project management expertise as well as resources with domain-specific subject matter expertise. The result is a focused team comprised of resources from FOQUS Partners as well as the client organization that will take strategic initiatives and turn them into tactical plans for success. We like to call it "VISION | FOQUS | SUCCESS." Read more about our methodology here:



  • Banking & Finance - High competition and high regulation make for increased complexity for both operations and strategic initiatives in an environment where failure is not an option in order to compete in the marketplace.

  • Education - Extremely passionate individuals and extremely constrained budgets can make doing anything new challenging, even though continuous improvement is core to delivering on the promise of education.

  • Government - How's having every citizen in the locale, state or nation as a stakeholder? The complexity it creates for communication, buy-in, measuring success, etc. is substantial.

  • Health care - What an exciting time it is to be working in health care! The industry is on the cusp of having sufficient data sets to significantly imrpove analysts' ability to improve quality of care through data. Meanwhile, the industry is still learning how to collect and protect that data.

Subject Matter Experts

  • Business Intelligence / Analytics
  • Enterprise Data Warehousing
  • IT Security
  • Compliance (GLBA, HIPAA, PCI, etc.)
  • IT Governance
  • Portfolio Management
  • Program & Project Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Process Improvement