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For Immediate Release 3/17/2015

FOQUS Partners, LLC Announces New Kentucky-Based Management and Information Technology Consulting Firm

Lexington, KY — FOQUS Partners, LLC has opened its doors in Central Kentucky and is now providing management and IT consulting services to the region.

“Providing quality employment opportunities within Kentucky has long been a personal goal of mine. I’m excited to lead a company which can provide economic development opportunities for the Commonwealth,” said Patrick Quirk, President & CEO at FOQUS Partners, LLC.

Turning Vision Into Results
Many organizations struggle to turn complex, strategic concepts into tangible results. FOQUS Partners, LLC was formed to assist organizations with achieving such critical initiatives through focused efforts coupling the right mix of program management and subject matter expertise. FOQUS Partners, LLC brings a methodology for turning a complex concept such as as a Strategic Plan or Failed Audit Report into iterative tactical plans. The result is a clearly defined path for achieving strategic initiatives. Since most organizations find their staff, especially their managers, to be over allocated with day-to-day responsibilities, the program management and subject matter experts FOQUS Partners, LLC provides allows organizations to realize progress against such strategic initiatives without negatively impacting operations.

Career Opportunities
FOQUS Partners, LLC is currently seeking contractors and full-time employees with a variety of expertise. To learn more about career opportunities, visit http://www.FOQUSPartners.com/careers.html.

Founded in 2015, FOQUS Partners, LLC is a privately held management and IT consulting firm. The company offers a wide range of consulting services to assist organizations with turning complex, strategic initiatives into tangible results.